Find New York Homeowners Insurance

If you’re looking to compare various New York homeowners insurance options, you’re in the right place. Carriers will make the process a breeze, not that onerous task it used to be in the pre-internet age. No more time-consuming calls and interviews. You can find just the right policy with the click of a mouse.

Start by understanding that every carrier consults actuarial tables when they assess your individual risk profile.  The risk has to do with how likely it is that you would file a claim, and many factors influence that. There is no question that your geographic location plays a primary role.  If you live in an area that gets damaging weather events such as hurricanes, ice storms or floods, you are going to pay more than someone who does not.  Some events, such as floods and hurricanes, require separate coverage, as your standard policy will not be enough.

Have enough homeowners insurance

If it is enticing to under-insure in order to save money, think again. Today, there are so many discounts available for coverage then you can often pay far less than anticipated.

If you have renovated in a way that makes your home safer and reduces risk of damage, you may get a discount. New plumbing, wiring and roofs may qualify you for money off your premium. Be sure to notify your carrier of any improvements.

If you are a nonsmoker, discounts are still available, even though the rate of smoking the U.S. has decreased significantly.  If you have installed a monitored home security system you will be rewarded by lower rates.  Avoid swimming pools and trampolines and you prevent higher rates.

Discounted homeowners insurance

Discounts for having multiple policies are common. So are longevity discounts for sticking with the same company over the long term, and “long term” is defined differently, depending on the carrier..

If you are age 55 and retired, you may get a credit simply because it means you are around the house more often and can prevent theft.  A good credit rating will also get you lower rates because actuarial tables say that folks with good credit are better risks than those with bad credit.  A clean claim history will also work in your favor.

If you begin to compare the offerings of different carriers you will see that rates will swing widely and discounts will vary. The best company for you depends on your risk and the discount structures you can find.