Illinois Homeowners Insurance and Additional Coverage

Illinois Homeowners InsuranceYou have a variety of coverage options that you can add to your Illinois homeowners insurance policy to ensure that your home is properly covered. Each of these additional options will provide you with a more thorough policy that will pay for more perils to your home and property. These add-ons can make you feel more secure and protected when things do go wrong, and understanding what each of these additional options are and what they do is important to choosing the insurance for your home.


Additional Coverage

When choosing the additional coverage for your Illinois homeowners insurance, you should pay close attention to what each addition covers. Since each coverage option takes care of a different portion of your policy, possessing the ones that are most important to you or relevant for your home is incredibly important to choosing the policy that is best for you. Whether your home has an attached garage or detached garage, if you have other structures you want covered on your property, and the kind of insurance you require for your personal property all play an important role in your decision.


This additional coverage for your Illinois homeowners insurance on your policy will cover your home and any attached structures on your home, like an attached garage or shed. It will also pay for the repairs that need to be made to fixtures in your home such as the plumbing, heating and A/C, and electrical wiring.

Other Structures

As an additional coverage option, this part pays for detached structures like a garage that isn’t fixed or built onto your home. It also covers sheds, fences, guest buildings, and other structures on your property that aren’t connected to your house physically.

Personal Property

If you possess a lot of expensive or valuable possessions, this additional coverage available is highly recommended on your Illinois homeowners insurance as it will pay for damaged and stolen possessions. This includes things like fine art, clothing, appliances, and technological devices. You will even enjoy the coverage of possessions that your children take to college for school such as laptops.

Loss of Use

If you happen to suffer from a peril, this additional coverage will pay the expenses necessary to survive if you cannot reside in your home.

Personal Liability

This is a good policy to possess if you have a dog or have the possibility of getting sued or becoming financially responsible for injuries to someone else.

Medical Payments

Finally medical payments coverage takes care of medical bills for someone who was hurt on your property or by your pets.