What about water damage?

When you look at Arizona home insurance quotes, be sure to carefully assess what kind of water damage is covered and even more important, what isn’t.

Besides floods, your roof might leak, you might have a plumbing break or a water heater leak or your fridge pan may overflow, creating water damage. And where there is water damage there is the potential for mold. Mold can be toxic with many different possible health effects. That’s why it is so important to make cleaning up a leak your very first action after you find it.

Usually, pipe break, roof leaks or water heat leaks are covered. But sometimes, a carrier will want to assess if they think you were negligent or not. You really do need to read policy details and understand the limits of your coverage.

Floods just about always require a supplemental policy and so if you live in a flood plain you should make sure this coverage is sufficient.

If you expect your carrier to cover repair, you’re probably out of luck because a policy normally only covers damage. Repair of what’s broken is up to you. .

So, it’s smart to look around and be on the alert for potential leaks.   Your first alert might be a spike in your water bill. Even if you can’t see a leak, it could be underground. Have it checked out.

There are water detection devices that can help you find leaks in washing machines, water heaters and sump pumps. Some will even turn off the water if a leak is found. Check at your local hardware store or with your regular plumber.

Another good way to check is to turn off your main water valve. If the water meter is still moving, there is water flowing and you need to find it.

Most leaks start in appliances. An annual inspection, say on January 1 of each year, could save you big money. Look at your washing machine, hot water heater and dishwasher for work or damaged parts or hoses and replace them if they look suspicious.  If you are going to be out of town for a long period of time have a family member or friend do a walk-through of your house every so often, just in case.

It is important to know that even a tiny leak can be responsible for major damage or even mold.